Changkhui Daily: Why It Ends.

Changkhui daily started as another idea born out of fun and challenge of producing a daily program. Kangg of had always be my co-host of choice for this since this was essentially what Siampod did on a daily basis via a writing. As I had mentioned many times, Kangg flatly rejected my idea since I asked him for a daily recording at 5am. The idea was that most tech news were from USA media and, by 5am in Thailand, we would get all the latest news from that side of the world and present them all as first things in the morning in Thailand. After some negotiation, we started at 11pm, I could not quite recall why it was 11pm. We stayed at 11pm recording for almost a year, I believed, until I started walking and running at night, then I asked for 10pm. 

We never quite knew how many listeners we had, but it was surely different from the beginning of Changkhui original program. By June 2011, when we first released Changkhui Daily, Facebook and Twitter were already main stream social media, we were able to sense and received feedbacks much faster than 2007 when I started We tried turning this into a variety program, inviting some guests, who we hoped, would become a regular but after a few months, we settled to just Kangg and I. 

Fast forward to three years and 501 episodes later, we had both agreed that we should stop the podcast, at least for the time being. Although it had been a fun ride to both of us, but it was consuming our time and energy. Although starting out as a daily podcast from Monday to Friday, we could not quite keep it that way in the last 12 months. We both had personal and professional obligations that we needed to attend to and that resulted in two, three, four episodes a week, rather than five. Our listeners were quite forgiving but it did take its toll on us, at least, emotionally. We did not profit from producing the podcast, we managed to get some sponsorship which was about enough to get us an iPad each. For three years, that really amounted to nothing.

We decided to produce this until episode 500 and let it rest. We made this decision in December 2013. At that time we were in episodes 430+. We did not realize that it would take us six months to get to episode 500.

However, the listeners had all be wonderful. Many feedback from all over the world. Many had become friends. I think we shall still produce the podcast on occasions, say, new products from Apple. It would not be a daily program but I would still like to keep it for old time sake.

Kangg and I shall still produce KiloZero, our running podcast so we are not really separating. It certainly had been fun and enjoyable. See you all in other Changkhui programs.

3 thoughts on “Changkhui Daily: Why It Ends.

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