Backstage Team for the #GoTrainingLive

I would like to take this opportunity to record and thank all involved, on my parts, in helping the Go Training team for the Go Training Talk Live event on March 6, 2010.

Although the editor in chief of the Go Training magazine was my wife, Kanjana Hongsyok, but I was only responsibly for two tasks; firstly, acquiring the sponsorship from UIH, where I worked, and, secondly, making sure that the Live part work. The first task was relatively easy to handle, since I did get the OK sign from the president in 2009, so it was a matter of asking the corporate to extend their help for this year. That was not too hard.

The second task was the one that I was technically in charge. The whole event was live broadcasted  over the Internet at In brief, we fed the on-site video and audio production onto an encoder, sent its output via the Kasetsart university Internet to server and streamed it from the server to anyone who would like to view it.

It went well with some hiccup along the way, which was somewhat expected since we were using the University Internet connection, which was shared across the campus. One of the presenter, Patchara ( even used his own blog to present his story, not relying on any prepared slides. Well, he got a glimpse of what it was like when shit did happen. For some unknown reason, the network internet dropped its signal while he was presenting the blog and that delayed the talk for some minutes. Fortunately, the awkward moment lasted temporarily and the Internet came back to normal. That affected the live broadcast as well. Well, it worked both way. Since people were watching over the Net, if a video feed suddenly froze, they would simply refresh their browser, oblivious to whatever went wrong.

I probably should describe a little bit of what the event was all about. Go Training was a monthly magazine, published by Training InfoMedia ( The magazine was about human development, targeting Human Resource professionals. The event was an annual event (this was the second time), having 6-to-7 interesting individuals to share their stories. Each speaker would have a one-word theme and expanding a story out of it. More information of the event could be found on the TrainingInfoMedia web site.

I would like to personally thank my backstage team,

  1. Aum ( The producer. He called me up just a day before the event and asked if I needed any help. He was well experienced in various events and concerts so his help was more than I could ask for. As it turned out, I could not thank him enough. He was making sure that all connections to the Live encoding computer worked as planned. His details to attention on video quality and sound check was meticulous.
  2. Wit ( The Sound Engineer. I have lost counts how many times Wit has helped me out at Wawee coffee for the recording and live broadcast and on Changkhui recording and post-productions. He was really a “SOUND” man. For all the people I know, his attention to details on SOUND was second-to-none. This was a guy who paid a lot of attention to sound design, going over which equipment would be brought for an event and which gear should connect to which equipment. Most people would pay attention to what they saw or would see, rather what we heard or, even more important, what we would hear later on a recorded media. I have lost count on how many recordings that I wished I could go back in time and spend more time designing it. Wit unconsciously taught me that, but I would see how it should be done but, regrettably, never learn. You could see more of him at where he blogged regularly.
  3. Ford ( The IT/Network guy. A long-time listener of Changkhui, one of the earliest listeners and, really, a brother I never had. We were born on the same day but 14  years apart. I would always rely on him when I needed help on web/IT development. And on this occasion, though, I was pretty confident that everything that should have been prepared had been prepared, I still called him on the last minute notice and asked if he could come over as a backup and he did. Though nothing serious happened, but it was a good feeling just to see him there in the control room.

That was it for what I would like to say about the event, I simply wanted to thank the three men. We had been together on numerous occasions that we felt like a team now. This was one of the event that I would like to record it here. Once again, thank you very much.

I think the Go Training team would make a scoop out of the event and should do some justice for it than having me writing it here.


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